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Sonar Group is one of the leading companies providing complete marine safety solutions. With an experience of over 25 years we ensure full guarantee for the marine safety through our services.


Life Saving Appliances

Safety is not just a rule, it is a culture to live by. Ship and marine safety have always been an integral part of a seaman’s life. It is the primary concern for all shipbuilders, manufacturers, and service providers, as adhering to safety compliance’s is a must for preserving human life on open seas.


Fire Fighting Appliances

A ship is approved to sail in international waters only if it is constructed as per Fire Safety System code and carries required Fire Fighting Appliances approved by the concerned authority. Ship is fitted with various types of fire retardant and fire fighting equipment’s so as to fight any kind of fire and extinguish it as soon as possible before it turns into a major catastrophic situation.


Marine Electronics

Marine Electronics provides comprehensive coverage of the latest technology and trends effecting the global shipping industry With the help of latest technical expertise and approved infrastructure we provide services like radio surveys, on-board installation and repairs, servicing, and batter replacements for the various equipment’s.


Pyrotechnics Disposal

Out of date pyrotechnics should be landed ashore as soon as possible after the date of expiry for safe disposal. It should be noted that: It is an offence to fire distress-signal pyrotechnics on land, in harbour or at sea . The disposing of Pyrotechnics is an essential service to the Maritime Industry to safe guard the environment problems.


Cargo Gear Testing

Cargo Gear Testing plays a important role in maintaining a high-level of safety for the operations of cargo handling equipment to ship-owners and seafarers.
We provide Annual Inspection service and five yearly Load testing on all types Deck cranes, Derricks, Mobile cranes and Shore based cranes, Lifting tackles, Grab buckets, Slings, shackles, Hooks, Chain pully blocks and all types of lifting equipment’s.


Fleet Service Agreement

We at Sonar group also provide Fleet Service Agreement to our clients in order to make sure that our clients is benefited in their operational functions focusing on the needs of ship owners, fleet managers, and vessels super intend. Through this program, our clients are able to capitalise on our technical expertise and decades of experience in inspecting, servicing, and maintaining complete range of safety equipment on-board.


General Ship Repairs

Regular maintenance and repairing is required annually in order to protect the ship from any damage and to the constructions and structures located in or in contact with water both fresh and salt water. Our services includes High pressure washing, painting, anchor and chain servicing, pump and motor servicing, servicing of engine and gear box overhaul, hydraulic system , engine room controls, bridge controls etc.


Marine Electrical

We provide wiring services for upgrades, modernisation, and new construction on all classes of vessels to meet transport requirements. We offer installation of all types of marine wiring including communications and antenna cabling. We have extensive experience in Performing thru-hull and thru –bulkhead penetrations and with the construction and installation of watertight wiring installations.

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